Ingenieurbüro für Produktentwicklung - Entwicklung und Konstruktion hochwertiger Produkte in den Bereichen Medizintechnik, Kunststofftechnik, Feinwerktechnik und Maschinenbau von der Idee übers Produktdesign und Engineering zum serienreifen Produkt. Engineering company for product development - Development and design of high quality products in the fields of medical technology, plastics technology, precision engineering and mechanical engineering from technical conception through engineering and design to products ready for serial production.
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Who We Are

2k produktentwicklung is an engineering studio with years of industry experience and a substantial network of qualified suppliers and cooperation partners.
Founded in 2001 by Axel Koentopp and Robert Kargl, the business has developed to a full service provider to suit clients needs in product development and engineering.

In 2013 the sister company 2k produktservice UG (haftungsbeschränkt) was established in line with clients demands to offer an extended variety of services, mainly in supplying parts and prototypes developed and designed by 2k produktentwicklung.

What We Do

Going beyond the borders of classical engineering we create high-quality consumer and industrial goods.
Our approach is often interdisciplinary, always collaborative and partnering with our clients to understand their visions and incorporate them into the products we are developing for them.

Understanding the Integral Functionality of Products

For us product development is more than just a translation of technical and economical requirements into a product by means of mechanical design.
Just by its performance characteristics a product will not make the difference in competition. Technology and product design must convincingly correspond and harmonize. If they do not, a product‘s design will bring up specific expectations which it‘s technical implementation will not fulfill. Customers will only be satisfied when they get the product they were visually promised. This integral coherence of the ensemble is a skill every supplier of high quality products has to cope with.
The level of competence of a development engineer therefore must reach beyond technical categories:
A product developer must have a holistic approach to a new product.

Turnkey Product Development

We recognized that it is most important to a lot of customers to have an A-Class development partner to accompany them through the various stages of the product development instead of having to look for a separate supplier in every single process step.
Therefore we can offer you the complete service from conception via mechanical design to prototyping and production launch.
Your advantage: The complete product development process can be carried out with less misunderstandings and loss and is much smoother and more cost-effective.

Engineers with Extended Competence

An engineer who wants to reach an above average level in product development also has to be able to think from a generic viewpoint. Only that way a creative dialogue with various experts is possible.
We see ourselves as consultants and partners for our customers and we have a deep conviction that an early cooperation and an early exchange of ideas and experience among all participants in the development process are an important requirement for the development of a successful product.
Beyond that we are used to interdisciplinary thinking. This allows us to get into a creative and constructive dialogue with all participating specialists.
This extended competence belongs to the scope of skills of all our engineers. It enables you to save your long term position in market.

  • Ideation
  • Technical conception
  • Pre-Development
  • Engineering drafting
  • Detailed engineering
  • Finite Elements Analysis
  • Functional models
  • Prototypes
  • Production drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Manufacturing and service instructions
  • Project documentation
  • Support of manufacturing transition
  • Support of pilot runs
Special Fields
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Precision engineering
  • Plastics engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Simulation
  • Fixture design
  • Design-, Material- and Technology-Consultancy


TNI softFlow 50

Color Stream 3000 Z


StarWeld Tool Open



2k produktentwicklung

Schragenhofstrasse 35

80992 München



+49 89 189 230 10